Shoeboxed (Click here for more information) Generate expense reports and track expenses via photos of receipts. Free app but monthly subscription for maximum features

Take photos of receipts as you travel and upload to Shoeboxed online. Once receipts are downloaded, they are sorted by date and archived into spending categories like meals, travel, fuel and office supplies. You can then search for specific expenses and add them all up when claiming deductions at tax time. You can upload and store an unlimited number of receipts in a free account by snapping photos of them. But in order to organize your spending by category and calculate total expenses, you need to transfer the key data from your receipts—like the vendor name, items purchased and total cost—into your account. With the free version, Shoeboxed will transfer this information for you automatically for the first five receipts. For any receipts beyond that, you either have to manually enter the data or pay a monthly fee starting at $9.95 if you want Shoeboxed to continue uploading your data automatically. Allows you to generate expense reports and even import data into accounting software such as QuickBooks.

ItsDeductible (Click here for more information) Track noncash charitable contributions including values and photos

Add a donation including photos of items donated and the app will walk you through valuing the items donated based on the Salvation Army valuation guide. At tax time, you can send a email a report to our office providing all the details necessary to claim a deduction.

IRS2go (Click here for more information) Track your refund — free

View the process of your return filing. Once the return has been e-filed, you can see if the return has been processed and when you should expect your refund check.

MileIQ (Click here for more information) Track your mileage using GPS— free

Tracks mileage via GPS including use of multiple vehicles and businesses; can email log to our office at tax time

BizXpense Tracker (Click here for more information) Comprehensive expense and mileage tracking - $6.99

Enter mileage and expenses as you travel complete with categories and the ability to attach photos. Generate expense reports or excel documents as needed. BizXpense Tracker also allows you to tag expenses and mileage to specific clients for easy billing.